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The Treadright Foundation, through their Treadright Wildlife Initiative, supports Wilderness Foundation Africa Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative. At The Travel Corporation, we understand that travel matters; it allows us to explore the world and gain a deeper understanding of each destination, its history and culture, through enriching experiences. We also recognize that it is our responsibility to help protect the places we visit and take care of the world around us.

Through funding provided, The TreadRight Foundation has helped fund the purchase of a Bat Hawk aircraft used for rhino anti-poaching operations as well as supporting general wildlife crime countermeasures through the Wildlife Operations Group co-ordinated by Wilderness Foundation Africa.

Additionally, The TreadRight Foundation is supporting Wilderness Foundation Africa by assisting in funding the purchase of equipment for reservations with rhinos, intelligence and police support for specialized wildlife crime units investigating rhino poaching cases, and emergency helicopter response for hot pursuit operations and to deploy vets when rhinos are wounded.

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