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Sharon McCallum

Project Co-ordinator: Pride of Table Mountain

Sharon is an Attorney and Conveyancer, yoga teacher, therapeutic aromatherapist and has an Environmental Education certificate (Rhodes University). Passionate about developing youth – opportunities and talents – some of her current life interests include the following : 

• Community worker in local townships – facilitator / advisor / connector / fund raiser (where her legal skills are tested fully) /taxi driver – anything to help
• Environmental education : Chairman and facilitator for environmental education for Zandvlei Trust, a longstanding NGO which works to protect the indigenous flora and fauna of the Zandvlei area and assisting the Zandvlei Nature Reserve staff
• Wilderness flora – trees, flowers and plants – the small things and how they fit into the big ecological picture
• Yoga teaching – flexibility of body encourages all round flexibility – mind, body and attitude
• Project coordinator for the Wilderness Foundation project, Pride of Table Mountain since 2009 – winner of the Mail & Guardian Greening the Future Award – youth development – 2015.