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Candice M D Stevens Head Shot 2019

Candice Stevens

Head: Innovative Finance and Policy

Candice Stevens is head of Innovative Finance &Policy at Wilderness Foundation Africa and is passionate about ensuring that landscapes are sustainably financed to continue providing enduring conservation and socio-economic benefits to people and planet.

Candice is a biodiversity finance expert and niche tax specialist who works at developing innovative finance solutions for landscape conservation. Candice introduced the first effective biodiversity tax incentive into the South African protected areas network and, together with the Government of South Africa, received the Pathfinder Award Special Commendation for this global innovation. She works extensively with multiple stakeholders and industry leaders across different sectors to ultimately plug South Africa’s biodiversity finance gap. She sits on a number of national and international committees regarding area-based conservation and financing and resourcing. Candice has a background in both law and commerce as well as experience in protected and conserved area policy and expansion, biodiversity finance, environmental law and policy-making on financial incentives and is regarded as a global expert her in field.