Wild Rhino Demand Reduction Campaign

Wildlife crime is decimating wildlife populations worldwide. In Africa iconic wildlife species including elephant, rhino, lion and pangolin are being lost at an alarming rate and threatening the very existence of Africa’s protected areas where ecotourism makes an important contribution to economic growth. The increasing rise in rhino poaching stands at the forefront of this wildlife crime crisis. Currently approximately 4 800 black and 20 000 white rhino are fighting for their survival in the wild, with more than 70% of these rhinos found in South Africa.

If the current poaching rate continues it is possible that this year will see more rhino being killed than are being born, and if this trend continues then it is possible that by 2025 all rhino in the wild could be extinct. The demand for rhino horn in Asian countries remains one of the main driving forces behind the escalation in poaching of rhino in Southern Africa, with more than 80% of illegally trafficked rhino horn passing through Vietnam either for local use or for export to other countries.

In response to this, Wilderness Foundation Africa joined forces with Peace Parks Foundation, Olsen Animal Trust and SOUL Music & Performing Arts Academy to research, develop and implement a youth awareness and engagement campaign aimed at reducing the use of and demand for rhino horn in Vietnam.

The Wild Rhino demand reduction campaign utilizes three separate yet cohesive components to educate and engage Vietnamese youth on the issue of rhino poaching. The overarching goal of these components, namely the Wild Rhino Competition, the Youth Ambassador Awareness and Education Campaign, and the Rhino Ranger Super Hero Campaign, is to incite passion for conservation, whilst motivating these young people to not use rhino horn. In addition, they are encouraged to assist in saving the rhino by becoming vocal ambassadors for the cause in their communities. The demand reduction campaign, which has been active in 11 participating schools in Ho Chi Minh City since the launch of the first Wild Rhino Competition in 2014, and was extended to include 3 schools in Hanoi this year, has reached about 25 000 Vietnamese youth directly, and nearly 1 million youth indirectly through campaign and youth ambassador social media activities.


2014 | 1st Wild Rhino Competition

A first phase of the campaign, that was launched in 2014, saw 15 000 Vietnamese youth from participating international schools in Ho Chi Minh City introduced to the crisis of rhino poaching and invited to enter a competition to win a rhino conservation experience in South Africa. The 22 senior students who submitted the most substantial essays on the topic of rhino conservation, were chosen as winners and visited South Africa in June 2015, spending a week on wilderness walking trails in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve.

Through this competition, 1 056 junior entries were received, comprising of either pictures or poems on the rhino poaching crisis. The Senior competition comprised of an essay on how they would educate friends and family on the rhino poaching crisis, of which we received 307 entries. (Learn more about this at

2015 | 1st Vietnamese Youth Trail

The purpose of the Vietnamese Youth Trail is to nurture awareness, insight, empathy and understanding - allowing these young students to return home as dedicated and informed emissaries for conservation and rhino protection. (Learn more about their journey here Besides attending a 5 day wilderness trail, the students spent time with rhino calves orphaned as a result of poaching, and also participated in educational workshops facilitated by Wilderness Foundation Africa where they were educated on the reality of the rhino poaching crisis through presentations by specialists in the field.

The impact of this experience on the young Vietnamese exceeded expectations and they departed South Africa as anointed Rhino Youth Ambassadors - with new insight into the plight of the rhino, and passion for the protection of this iconic species. Inspired, and armed with the facts, these young people have gone on to actively engage their communities with powerful messages to stop using rhino horn. Their messaging and actions were received very well by their communities and the local media.
(Learn more about the Vietnamese Youth Trails at and


2016 | Youth Ambassador & Superhero Campaigns

In order to build on the success of the first engagement with Vietnamese youth, WFA and PPF initiated a second phase of demand reduction efforts. The project is called Vietnam, Be my Hero and encompasses two major components:

Youth Ambassador Campaign

The Youth Ambassador campaign launched in Vietnam in May 2016. Material such as posters, decals, brochures, etc. was developed utilizing personal messages from each of the 22 Wild Rhino Youth Ambassadors . These young rhino ambassadors play a leading role in this campaign as peer educators, role models and faces of the campaign. Having visited South Africa and interacted with rhinos, they can speak first-hand about the pertinent issues – thus offering credibility and age-appropriate messaging to the campaign.


Superhero Campaign

A super hero character, Rhino Ranger, was launched in Vietnam on World Rhino Day on 22 September 2016.

Rhino Ranger will be the driving force behind bringing a stop to all the false beliefs around rhino horn.

Through the use of a variety of marketing materials, from face masks and magnets to Rhino Ranger cut-outs and pin-on badges, as well as a comic book, Rhino Ranger is working his way into the hearts of the youth in Vietnam to help save the rhino. (Learn more about the Youth Ambassador and SuperHero campaigns


2017 | 2nd Wild Rhino Competition

The 2nd Wild Rhino Competition was launched in Ho Chi Minh City in November 2016. Nearly 1 000 entries were received and the senior winners of the competition attended a Vietnamese Youth Trail in South Africa in July 2017, whereafter they returned to Vietnam as the next group of Wild Rhino Youth Ambassadors.

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2017 | 2nd Vietnamese Youth Trail

“The stories of the rhinos are ones that connect the past, the present, and the future. Let them be heard.” - Phan le Ha Long (Peter), Wild Rhino Youth Ambassador

In July 2017, 11 young people from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, were brought to South Africa for a life-changing wilderness experience as part of the Wild Rhino Campaign. After the trail, the youth visited a rhino orphanage and also had the opportunity to learn more from leading wildlife crime, rhino veterinary and rhino protection experts during a full day workshop at the Wilderness Leadership School in Durban. The young people were deeply touched by what they saw and learnt, and have returned to Vietnam as Rhino Ambassadors – committed to making a difference in changing the hearts and minds of their communities.

In speaking to the youth, they shared that their families and friends were amazed at the stories they had to tell on their return to Vietnam, and absolutely horrified to learn about the violent manner in which rhino were being maimed and killed. Already, many of the rhino horn consumers that they have shared their new-found knowledge and insights with, have been inspired to stop this practice and support the protection of the rhino as an integral part of functioning ecosystems.

“Never doubt your ability to make positive changes for the crisis. It will only be too late when we give up.” – Chang Nam (Jay), Wild Rhino Youth Ambassador. (Learn more about the trail at


2018 | Youth Ambassador Campaigns

The 2nd round of the Wild Rhino Youth Ambassador campaign included print and digital posters of key messages from the youth ambassadors, appealing to their peers to stop using rhino horn. These designs, in produced in both English and Vietnamese, were carried through to social media platforms of both Wild Rhino and each of the Wild Rhino Youth Ambassadors.

When returning home, the Wild Rhino Youth Ambassadors hosted various events at their schools as well as externally in order to spread the campaign messaging. These included  a presentation at TEDx Youth Talk Asia, displays and presentations at the GIN (Global Issues Network) Saigon Conference, an awareness drive at the Crescent Mall in HCMC, as well as various presentations to groups at the 11 participating schools.

In addition, Wild Rhino Youth Ambassadors produced video’s of their experience, which were shared and a #MyRhinoStory Facebook page was implemented by ambassador, Phan le Ha Long (Peter). Video’s include :,,, 

   Wild Rhino 2018 Ambassador   Phan Le Ha Long   Lr   Wild Rhino 2018 Ambassador   Hoang Dieu An   Lr   Wild Rhino 2018 Ambassador   Cho Haryoung   Lr

2018 Superhero Campaign

The 2018 Superhero campaign resulted in the launch of the 2nd edition of the Rhino Ranger comic book, a Rhino Ranger activity book targeted at the younger market, as well as various promotional items designed with Rhino Ranger as the superhero, including raincoats, stickers and tattoos. These items are distributed to the participating schools as well as at events where Rhino Ranger makes an appearance.

Rhino Ranger is in high demand and is often invited to make an appearance at various schools around Ho Chi Minh City, where the Wild Rhino team deliver and educational talk on rhinos and the importance of saving this magnificent species from extinction. At each appearance, the audience is invited to have photographs taken with the Rhino Ranger mascot, with the Rhino Ranger Instagram frame, and they are encouraged to sign a Rhino Ranger poster as their commitment to help end the demand for rhino horn.


2018 Wild Rhino Competition

The 3rd Wild Rhino Competition was launched in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in September 2018.

The competition invited junior students to enter by submitting a poem or a picture. Senior students entered by submitting an essay in which they had to present innovative and practical things that they could do to educate their friends and family on how to end the demand for rhino horn. Wilderness Foundation Africa announced the winners of the Wild Rhino Competition run in collaboration with 11 international schools in Ho Chi Minh City, and 3 international schools in Hanoi, Vietnam in February 2019.

Over 700 entries were received, with 29 junior winners and 14 senior winners announced. The senior winners visited South Africa in July 2019, where they spent a week on wilderness walking trails in the iMfolozi Game Reserve, followed by a workshop on the rhino poaching crisis facilitated by experts in conservation. This workshop equips the youngsters to return to Vietnam as dedicated ambassadors for the conservation and protection of rhino. In turn, it provides an opportunity for the campaign partners to learn about the social and scholastic habits of Vietnamese youth, enabling development and implementation of impactful strategies moving forward.

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2019 Awareness Campaigns

The Wild Rhino team in Vietnam continue to attend events in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in order to further communicate the message to stop using rhino horn.  These events are targeted at school, universities and Business Chambers, as shown in the images below.  Additional information on these activities can be found on the website

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On the 8th of June Cho Haryoung, a 2017 Youth Ambassador from SSIS, participated in the TedxYouth@Hanoi Talk, an annual event providing a platform for the youth to discuss focused global issues and share their vision for future generations. The event was opened with Cho Haryoung’s talk, which was themed around the rhino poaching crisis. As a proud Wild Rhino Youth Ambassador, Haryoung used her experience and knowledge gained from the wilderness trail in 2017 to raise awareness about the negative impacts of rhino poaching on rhino populations, and on human groups who are dependent on rhino for their ecotourism livelihoods as well as those who are using rhino horn.


Wild Rhino collaborated with RMIT University, HCMC for their GREENACTUS Competition, a student-led project at RMIT. The competition, aimed at students from different majors and years, allows for a platform where students can work together, research and brainstorm solutions for assigned global issues. This year Wild Rhino and #SaveSonDoong, a local NGO, provided an environmental topic for the competition, which focused on the rhino poaching crisis and demand reduction. After an intense judging process, which included presentations and social media engagement the Tiny Rhino's team was announced as the winner.

Green Act Us Competition   Exhibition Day   Green Act Us Competition   Message Sharing On Exhibition Day

On the 9th of May 2019, the Wild Rhino team participated in a workshop at Cao Ba Quat Public High School, where 800 students from grade 10 and 11, and their teachers attended to learn about the rhino poaching crisis. This event formed part of the Rhino Week Series organized by partner Wildhand in collaboration with and supported by Wilderness Foundation Africa.   Matthew Norval and Dr Fowlds were invited as guest speakers, sharing with students how wildlife crime, especially the rhino poaching crisis, has been not only affecting the animals but also the livelihood and security of the people dependent on wildlife. 

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On the same day as the Workshop at Cao Ba Quat High School, another big event took place at VNUA, the “Born with Horns” Exhibition. This event was set up in the main courtyard of the university and was open to all the students, professors and students from other schools as well.

The purpose of this exhibition, which attracted about 500 people, was to show the beauty of rhinos with their horns and at the same time to show the horrific and inspiring stories of rhinos who died and survived poaching incidents.

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A “Wildlife Vet and Conservation” Seminar organized by Wildhand at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture, took place on the 10th of May with almost 150 students in attendance, and an additional 550 people watched the seminar through live streaming on Facebook.

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2019 SuperHero Campaign

Our friends from The LYRICÍST dance group at the SOUL Music & Performing Arts Academy teamed up with Wilderness Foundation Africa to create something special to support rhino conservation. Look out for the Rhino Dance on the Wild Rhino website     



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