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Rugezi Marsh Rangers

Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA)

Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA) is a registered NPC founded in 2018, borne out of the merger between Mantis and Accor Hotels. These two global hospitality groups recognise the urgent need for community upliftment which will benefit Africa’s wild animals and wildernesses at a time when both are under threat. 

CCFA is both a fund-raising & a grant-giving organisation that is active in educating and empowering local communities to implement sustainable wildlife management systems on the ground. These solutions are funded by CCFA and its commercial partners. Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA) was set up to help put the spotlight on rural African communities that live among the wild animals but by large have received few benefits from this often-difficult privilege.

CCFA’s mission is to address these inequalities and investigate ways of giving rural African communities a greater role in wildlife ownership and management. We envision local African communities who are educated and empowered and can manage wild animals and wilderness areas sustainably. We believe that this change will have a direct impact on the preservation of wild animals and wilderness areas.

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Rooiberg Winery

Rooiberg Winery took over The Game Reserve wines from Graham Beck in July 2016, and have continued the unique partnership with Wilderness Foundation Africa, whereby R3 for each bottle of The Game Reserve wine sold is donated to the Foundation.



Avis is a supporter of the Youth Development Programme of Wilderness Foundation Africa with the sponsorship of a transport vehicle for the programme.


Graham and Rhona Beck Development Trust

Graham and Rhona Beck Development Trust recognizes the critical role that education plays in the transformation of South Africa .They support the Youth Development Programme of Wilderness Foundation Africa with funding for Siyazenzela training courses of youth in the Robertson area, as well as Umzi Wethu training of selected youth from the Western Cape. 


Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust

Avis is a supporter of the Youth Development Programme of Wilderness Foundation Africa with the sponsorship of a transport vehicle for the programme.In his last will and testament, Hans Hoheisen bequeathed a large sum to fund the conservation of South Africa's fauna and flora he had grown to love throughout his life. To facilitate the protection, restoration, improved resilience and sustainable use of South Africa’s species and eco-systems, the Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust provides grants to conservation bodies engaged in physical biodiversity conservation and working in the cross-cutting environmental governance and advocacy, climate change, research and education arenas. The Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust is a supporter of The Pride and Imbewu Projects of Wilderness Foundation Africa.


Taiwan Forestry Bureau

The Taiwan Forestry Bureau has been responsible for Taiwan’s Forestry matters for over sixty years, and accomplished its mission throughout each management period. Today, traditional forestry work must be balanced against the needs of nature conservation. As part of their conservation vision, the Bureau provides grants for conservation education to programmes across the world. Taiwan Forestry Bureau is a supporter of Wilderness Foundation Africa’s Imbewu Trails.


Anglo American

The Anglo American Chairman’s Fund focuses on supporting HIV/AIDS, healthcare, welfare, education and livelihoods. They have been a supporter of Wilderness Foundation Africa with yearly grants donated to the Youth Development Programme.


SA National Parks


Haberdashers UK

The Haberdashers' Company is one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies. Besides being closely involved with the Haberdashers’ Company’s family of schools, it has a strong tradition of support for charitable causes.

Every year, Haberdashers UK funds a group of students to visit South Africa after they have completed their last year of school. The students visit for a period of 2 weeks, where they get to experience our beautiful country and see what we have to offer. The students get the opportunity to meet Umzi Wethu students on their visit.



For generations, Volkswagen Group South Africa has led the pack in the key areas of transformation. VWSA believes strongly that job creation and skills development will fuel economic prosperity. VWSA kindly sponsors transport vehicles for Wilderness Foundation Africa’s Youth Development Programme.



Spec Savers is the leading Optometry Group in South Africa with over 244 stores. The continued success of their organisation is based on a dynamic business concept that capitalizes on the price benefits of collective sourcing of products and a common marketing strategy.
Spec-Savers is a supporter Wilderness Foundation Africa’s Youth Development Programme.

Sa Home Loans

SA Home Loans 



Empower invests in local organisations that know their local communities and context, and are best positioned to discover and implement solutions that work. Empower co-funds the Siyazenzela and Siyazenzela Plus training courses of Wilderness Foundation Africa’s Youth Development Programme. 


Beare Foundation


Grassridge Wind Power 


Joron Charitable Trust

The Joron Charitable Trust supports the Youth Development programme of Wilderness Foundation Africa. The objectives of the charity are to make grants for general charitable purposes in the fields of education and medical research.



"Manicomio Restaurant opened its doors in 2003 and since then has been serving some of the most authentic and highly regarded Italian food in London."
Manicomio supports Wilderness Foundation Africa in our projects to train vulnerable youth to become conservation guardians and rangers, who will assist in the protection of rhino and elephant in the Eastern Cape.

Other Partners

  • Rooiberg Winery
  • Avis
  • Graham and Rhona Beck Development Trust
  • Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust
  • Taiwan Forestry Bureau
  • Anglo American
  • SA National Parks
  • Haberdashers UK
  • VWSA
  • SpecSavers
  • SA Home Loans 
  • Empower
  • Beare Foundation
  • Cape Pine
  • Grassridge Wind Power
  • Joron Charitable Foundation
  • Manicomio
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