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Wilderness Foundation UK

The Wilderness Foundation UK was established in 1974 and grown out of original roots of The Wilderness Leadership School in South Africa. It is a project based charity which seeks innovative ways to create solutions for a viable and sustainable future for a growing population. With a mission to demonstrate the positive impact of wilderness and wild places on the wellbeing of the individual and society, Wilderness Foundation UK focusses on providing evidence to show the social benefits of a connection to nature, and believe in balancing the needs of nature and people. They believe in growing leaders of the future who are able to make decisions in their field of influence based on this need for balance and the protection of wild spaces for the benefit of all life. 

Vision & Mission

The Wilderness Foundation UK harnesses the positive power of nature to change lives. 

The wilderness is an irreplaceable catalyst for personal transformation and growth. In the wild, people experience a deep sense of belonging, centeredness, and peace. 

If humanity does not protect wild spaces, our children will never experience this transformation. 

Every year, the Wilderness Foundation brings thousands of people into the wilderness. We do so not just to benefit the individuals—though the benefits are great. 

We help people to experience wilderness because there is no better way to move them to preserve wild spaces for the future. 

When they do, then our children’s children will also be able to experience the positive power of nature to change lives.

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