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The CALEO Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation which was established by Mrs Carmen Elvira Ellinger in Bellikon/Switzerland in 2004 with the purpose to preserve wildlife and nature and to support art.

A ‘strategic conservation project’ of the Caleo Foundation is to establish and manage a viable breeding herd of highly endangered ‘South-Western Black Rhino’ (Diceros Bicornis Bicornis) onto Sanbona. This would have the effect of re-introducing these remarkable animals into a region where, due to past profligate hunting and other human impacts, they have been locally extinct for nearly two hundred years.

Specialist studies have confirmed the vegetation suitability and carrying capacity of Sanbona to support a significant breeding group of these animals.

Together with our local South African conservation NGO partner, the Wilderness Foundation Africa, and with the cooperation and support of provincial and national conservation authorities, excellent progress has been made in sourcing animals to be included in this program.

The Caleo Foundation is very proud of its highly dedicated team of wildlife experts and anti-poaching-unit personnel who will be the guardians of these rare animals and their progeny.

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