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22 Sep 2018 0

Wilderness Foundation Africa hosted an event at the Asian International School in Ho Chi Minh city this week to commemorate World Rhino Day which takes place on 22 September 2018.

A group consisting of 300 school children, dignitaries and partners of the Wild Rhino | Vietnam, be my Hero campaign stood together to celebrate the existence of rhino, recognize the conservation efforts to protect this magnificent species and to highlight the campaign vision to stop the demand for rhino horn.

During proceedings, guests assisted with positioning pieces of a puzzle together, symbolizing the commitment of people from Vietnam and South Africa working together to stop the demand for rhino horn. The act of putting together this life-size puzzle of a rhino with the messaging DON’T USE RHINO HORN was filmed by a drone and the material will be disseminated via social media platforms, with the intent of reaching not only the Vietnamese market, but the world.

Matthew Norval and Cheryl Reynolds of Wilderness Foundation Africa are in Vietnam for 10 days in order to launch the 3rd phase of the popular Wild Rhino competition at 15 participating schools in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as to host a seminar at Hoa Sen University of Saturday, 22 September 2018 on Demand Reduction of Wildlife Products. With close to 200 university students attending the seminar and viewing a wildlife exhibition, the message of the urgency of protecting rhino and elephant will be imparted in the mind of these students.

Matthew Norval And Student From Asian International School   

Ms Almut Roessner And Mr Thanh Bui

Matthew Norval, Thanh Bui, Rhino Ranger, Peter Le Ha Long, Cheryl Reynolds, Almut Roessner