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World Environment Day 2017

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In honour of celebrating World Environment Day, the staff at Wilderness Foundation Africa, together with the Umzi Wethu conservation students, connected with nature on the Pride of Baakens trail in the Settlers Park Nature Reserve. It was a day of connecting, learning, having fun together and being reminded of all the beauty that surrounds us in our home city of Port Elizabeth.

World Environment Day is held annually in celebration of our environment. It is used to remind us of the importance of our responsibilities towards caring for the Earth and that we, as individuals can be the change towards positive environmental outcomes. We so often take this world that we live in for granted and World Environment day is a great way to be reminded of how privileged we are to breathe in clean air and make use of Nature’s gifts.

Our founder, Dr Ian Player strongly believed in the ‘Healing Power of Nature.’ We use the Pride Trail as a starting point for our students to discover themselves and the leaders within them. Spending time in Nature is a great wellness tool for reflection, gathering our thoughts and allowing us to spend time by ourselves. During our trail walk, we all stopped for a break to relax and take in our surroundings. Our Umzi Wethu students performed a song for the staff with the message to ‘Never Give Up’ – a message that is true to their hearts and one that they carry with them. As staff of Wilderness Foundation Africa, we are honoured to be a part of such a wonderful programme and to see our students growing and reaching their full potential. We have a group of talented young individuals who all have very bright futures – many of them have a passion for music in addition to their passion for conservation.

It was such a refreshing experience to be outdoors in Nature and we would like to encourage everyone to treat every day as a World Environment Day – breathe in the fresh air, explore nature and most importantly look after our environment.

Hayley Wong Leith, Marketing Intern