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Women's Month Series: Alicia Ndulukane

02 Aug 2021 0
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Introduce yourself:

I’m from Khayelitsha, where there are 11 of us living at home. I have been involved with Pride of Table Mountain since 2013.

How do you feel Pride of Table Mountain has helped you grow?

I used to hate public speaking but I feel like I can articulate myself better now. With the life lessons we learn here, I am able to implement them better into my own personal life.

Can you give me an example?

Patience. I used to be so impatient with myself but now I am allowing myself to soak everything up and just live.

Have you always had a passion for nature?

Not really, because it was seen as a male thing. I didn’t find it particularly interested until I came. I found my feet within it and my voice as well.

How do you find it being a woman in a male-dominated space?

It was intimidating at first, because you have all these men objectifying you and gawking at you. Not necessarily here, but in male spaces your voice takes the back burner. Pride has given me confidence to use my voice and firmly so.

Do you have any advice for other women or young girls trying to get involved with conservation?

They should. This for me has been an outlet. In situations where I can’t really express myself I come here and just talk to myself and I am reenergised. Whatever issue I have at home or at school, I am able to tackle it because I am recharged.