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Wilderness Foundation Africa supplies veterinary support during PE Fires

13 Jun 2017 0
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β€œTo see the relief of these people once we had helped their surviving animals was extremely rewarding. We are so thankful that, with the help of Wilderness Foundation Africa, we could assist in giving medical attention to the animals in need. We also witnessed animals being reunited with their owners; so many happy tears were shed!”

We are overwhelmed with joy at how humanity has come together to support those in need after the devastation caused by the fires in Port Elizabeth and its surrounds in June 2017. Wilderness Foundation Africa are very happy to know that the funds have contributed in assisting, after an urgent appeal was made by Dr William Fowlds for immediate veterinary support. Funding went into medical supplies for animals rescued in the fires, which had been taken to the SPCA in Uitenhage. Supplies included bandage material, burn wound treatments, burn wound dressings, antibiotics, pain relief, anti-inflammatories, eye drops, cortico-steroids, gloves, fluids and consumable such as needles, syringes and IV catheters.

We would like to extend a thank you to all the volunteers who went out to help. Over the past few days the team treated about 50 dogs with mild smoke inhalation, 10 piglets – 7 of the litter were treated for severe burn wounds on their feet, a cow and various puppies and dogs.

Photo credits: Sam Tippetts

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