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Siyazenzela: Understanding Cultures and Respecting Diversity


The beautiful thing about South Africa is its diverse cultures and heritage. We are a nation that prides itself on the beauty of our land and its people. In an effort to emulate and teach students the importance of understanding cultural diversity and ensuring tolerance, Siyazenzela hosted a cultural event as part of their programme to create and develop a deeper awareness and understanding of the cultural dynamics.

It aimed to teach students to appreciate and understand cultural differences and particularly those that exist in South Africa. It raised awareness of the many thousands of Africans from many countries who live within our border, and for whom South Africa has become their home. Embracing cultural diversity is a particularly important topic in the light of the xenophobic violence that has been prevalent in our country. It is also important for job readiness as the students know to expect to interact with a broad range of people in their world of work.
The Siyazenzela students are about to embark on a journey of employment seeking after they graduate from the programme on February 11, 2016. In groups of four, they presented their findings of a culture they had been assigned to research. Their presentations covered food and drink, tradition and religion as well as dance across cultures.
It goes without saying that these students are taking a keen interest in their future and what it holds. Their presentations were truly inspiring! This is the nature of the Siyazenzela programme as it supports and contributes to the development of young people within our city.