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27 Oct 2017 0

Earlier this year, Philip Schofield, an ITV television presenter most recognized for presenting “This Morning”, which he has co-hosted since 2002, went on a South African adventure where he was brought to tears whilst filming the final instalment of his South African wildlife series.

Philip Schofield had the privilege of fitting a tracking device (which he had sponsored) to a white rhino called, Themba. This tool helps anti-poaching teams spend less time looking for rhino and more time looking after them. 


“What got to me was that this rhino, Themba, had a female companion that we had to keep at a distance while the vet darted her. The entire time Themba was unconscious, her friend was stock still, watching, and as soon as we were back in the jeep, she ran over to check on her. The love that she showed her friend was extraordinary and we were all in tears,” Philip explained.

Whilst Dr Will Fowlds, Medivet Project Co-ordinator for Wilderness Foundation Africa, and his team of conservationists helped Philip tranquilise and fit the tracking device on Themba, they discovered she was pregnant. 

The little calf was born in September 2017 and Dr William Fowlds surprised Philip live on an episode of "This Morning" to ask if he would be kind enough to help name the little baby boy.

Click the link below to watch the interview where Dr William Fowlds speaks more about the struggle against rhino poaching in South Africa and introduces cold scent tracking dog Ella and her handler, Eric.

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