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Dr Don Pinnock, recently appointed as a Board Member of Wilderness Foundation Africa, will be writing a blog for our website over the next few months. These blogs will give the reader a better understanding of the planet and our impact on it. The ultimate goal is that we realize how marvelous nature is.

Dr Pinnock is an investigative journalist and photographer who, some time back, realised he knew little about the natural world, so he set out to discover it. This took him to five continents – including Antarctica – and resulted in five books on natural history and hundreds of articles. The Last Elephants, published in 2019 with Colin Bell, is his 18th book.

He has degrees in criminology, political science and African history and is a former editor of Getaway magazine.

He was one of the primary drafters of the White Paper that became the Child Justice Act, a trustee of the Chrysalis Academy for high-risk youths, a board member of the Widerness Foundation, a member of the Conservation Action Trust and was the facilitator of the Western Cape Government’s gang strategy roadmap.

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