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20 Mar 2018 rhino 0
1 Medivet Saving The Rhino

Every 8 hours, another rhino is killed for their horn.

In 2014, over 1 215 rhinos were brutally slaughtered for their horns in South Africa, making it the worst poaching year on record.  Thankfully, the 2016 rhino poaching statistics saw a slight decline, taking the number down to 1 028. Although this is a positive step, if we continue to do nothing to help fight this illegal trade, we risk losing the rhino population forever. 

There are people out there who are dedicated to protecting the future of the rhino. But these rangers who are working on the ground can’t do it alone – that is why Medivet is supporting the Wilderness Foundation Africa in their quest to protect wild rhinos.

Medivet has committed their passion and resources to help stop crimes against wild animals and their environment. As part of their commitment, they partnered with the Wilderness Foundation Africa to develop, implement and support the rhino protection initiative in South Africa.

Medivet Senior Partner, John Smithers, shares an update on his recent trip to South Africa, where he spent time working with Dr William Fowlds, the WFA Medivet Project Co-ordinator. During his visit, John was exposed to the aftermath of a rhino poaching scene, and John has shared a video on his experience, which he feels demonstrates the continued importance and efforts needed to help save the rhino from the threat of poaching.

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Thank you to the Medivet team and all their wonderful clients and staff for their continued support.

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