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IRONMAN for Nature Kicks Off!

17 May 2021 0
Ironman For Nature 1000x560px The IRONMAN for Nature Charity Initiative has officially kicked off ahead of the IRONMAN 70.3 Durban.

IRONMAN for Nature has 10 triathletes entered and ready to race for nature on 6th June 2021.

Our athletes for IRONMAN 70.3 Durban are,
  • Xylon Van Eyck
  • Mike Price
  • Luvuyo Bangazi
  • Peter Gatang’i
  • Etienne Van Ravesteyn
  • James Cammell
  • Pieter Brits
  • Abelang Mosweu
  • John Andrews 
  • Wesley Gilchrist

With just under one month left until race day, IRONMAN for Nature hosted a meet and greet with our athletes to make it official!

Wilderness Foundation Africa Chief Operations Officer: Conservation, Matthew Norval, hosted the event and told the athletes more about the IRONMAN for Nature objectives.

‘IRONMAN for Nature is a charity initiative, backed by IRONMAN South Africa, looking for likeminded people to help support the conservation work of Wilderness Foundation Africa,’ said Norval.

‘Through 3 key focus areas of Species, Spaces and People, Wilderness Foundation Africa envisages a world that has sufficient intact natural ecosystems and wilderness areas that are valued and effectively protected for the benefit of all.’

Norval went on to thank the athletes and Innova | The Creative Techs who are sponsoring their marketing and advertising expertise to get the initiative off the ground.

‘We’d like to thank all of our athletes for joining us on this incredibly exciting journey & for being willing to compete for nature. We’d also like to give a special thanks to Innova | The Creative Techs, we couldn’t have done this without you.’

Screen Shot 2021 05 13 At 1.49.06 Pm

Kyle Rehse, Managing Director of Innova | The Creative Techs responded and went on to speak about how excited his team is to be on board.

‘We are super proud to be powering IRONMAN for Nature. We’re excited to get the message out there and to ensure that the campaign is successful,’ said Rehse. ‘Being an athlete myself, I feel like this cause resonates with me and having worked on campaigns with the Wilderness Foundation before, I believe that this is going to be a great collaboration.’

Screen Shot 2021 05 13 At 3.02.05 Pm

The IRONMAN for Nature athletes said that they are ready to be nature’s IRONMAN after all of their race preparation and hard work.

‘I’m feeling a bit overconfident at this stage,’ chirped Xylon Van Eyck. ‘I haven’t been able to travel for work due to Covid which has allowed me to spend time at home and train consistently. The training has been going really well so I’m looking forward to challenging a few of my friends in Durban to upset the hierarchy.’

Screen Shot 2021 05 13 At 3.03.32 Pm

Well known charity triathlete Luvuyo Bangazi is also feeling confident and ready to take on the challenge.

‘I’ve always had bad luck in Durban, I’ve always been sick or had some kind of issue. I really just want it to click this time! So hopefully IRONMAN 70.3 Durban 2021 is the one!’

Screen Shot 2021 05 13 At 3.10.54 Pm

Our athletes were eager to challenge themselves and decided to set themselves a goal of raising R70 300 before race day, less than a month away!

Screen Shot 2021 05 13 At 3.09.10 Pm

Screen Shot 2021 05 13 At 3.04.26 Pm

With just under one month to go, our athletes need all the help they can get.

If you’d like to support our athletes, please visit our website, and check out our Support Your Athlete page. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

We are looking forward to race day and hope to have many more athletes competing for us in future!

For more information you can visit our website at or visit our social media platforms.