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IRONMAN® South Africa, a Wanda Sports Holdings company, recently announced its partnership with Wilderness Foundation Africa to form an additional charity, IRONMAN for Nature, for all IRONMAN South Africa events. The partnership between IRONMAN South Africa and Wilderness Foundation Africa is now known as IRONMAN for Nature and the name recognizes the interaction between humankind and nature.

While Wilderness Foundation Africa works to encourage the increased protection and expansion of natural areas and all life and processes that comprise these complex ecosystems, Ironman for Nature recognizes the power of human endeavour, determination and courage. These are all required to complete an IRONMAN event and are the same characteristics that are needed to conserve nature. The Ironman for Nature charity objective is to bring athletes, sponsors, and organizers together for the benefit of conservation and nature.

At this unprecedented time we have asked Wilderness Foundation Africa Board member Don Pinnock a respected investigative journalist, photographer and author to provide some thought provoking and inspiring pieces to remind us of the importance of wild nature, the impact that humans have on it and what we can do to conserve it.

Go to the Ironman for Nature Facebook page and website for these articles.

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