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Haberdashers UK 2016 Trip to South Africa

25 Jul 2017 0

Every year, Haberdashers UK funds a group of students to visit South Africa after they have completed their last year of school. The students visit for a period of 2 weeks, where they get to experience our beautiful country and see what we have to offer. 

What does the programme include?

• Learn and interact with students from Umzi Wethu
• Visit our students at their current place of work.
• Experience a 5 day Wilderness Trail in Durban with 2 of our Umzi Wethu students. These trails are facilitated by the Wilderness Leadership School.
• Visit our students at their homes, where they are exposed to different cultures

We asked a few students to share their experiences with us:

“Going to South Africa was one of the best experiences of my life. I now fully realise how lucky I am and have learned to appreciate what I have far more than I have before. The trek was a fantastic time to reflect as one chapter of my life finishes and another starts. I also have a new found respect not only towards other people but also towards the animals. They really are not the dangerous creatures that some people think they are! Finding out about some of the work that Wilderness Foundation Africa do in South Africa at Umzi Wethu was also a real eye opener. If this opportunity was presented to me again I would take it without hesitation; I cannot recommend it enough.” - Owen Thomas

“In summer of 2016 myself and seven other Haberdashers school pupils took the fourteen-hour flight from the United Kingdom to Durban and Port Elizabeth.
Over two weeks we explored Durban and Port Elizabeth and how Wilderness Foundation Africa was entangled in so many aspects of South African life. I was able to explore such amazing places such as the Samrec Penguin Rescue Station, Born Free, KwaNobuhle, Addo Elephant Park and Settlers Park. The experience was both enlightening and informative as over the two weeks I discovered how Wilderness Foundation Africa was improving life in South Africa but also its bigger impact on the wider global community. In conclusion the experience was one that allowed me to grow as a person as I saw the positive impact that was changing South Africa for the better.”
- George Smith