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16 Jul 2020 0
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Due to coronavirus restrictions, AZEF 2020 will be held online and registration is now open. If you are interested in joining the Arid Zone Ecology Forum virtual conference this year, please go to the Google registration form link below. Indicate your intention to submit an abstract and/or your intention to apply for sponsorship on this form when registering.

Registration costs as follows:

Early registration (deadline 14 August 2020) – R1,400
Late registration (15 August – 19 September) – R1,800
Daily registration – R500 per day

Early student registration – R1,000
Late student registration – R1,200

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Limited free, non-student registration is available to individuals whose conference budgets have been cut due to COVID-19. To qualify to apply:
• Submit a full presentation abstract
• Work must be based in the arid zone
• Presentation must be relevant to any one of the session themes

Postgrad students who cannot afford to attend AZEF 2020 can apply for sponsorship. To qualify, students must:
• Submit an abstract for either a full or speed presentation
• Work must be based in the arid zone

Please indicate your intention to apply for sponsorship when registering using the Google form. Sponsorship application documentation will be sent to you on receipt of this registration form.


COVID-19 pandemic: implications for the arid zone
We welcome talks discussing the current and predicted impacts of COVID-19 on research (e.g. scientific fieldwork, observations, etc.) and conservation efforts in the arid zone, possible environmental consequences of COVID-19, the links between zoonotic diseases, illegal trade in wildlife and biodiversity conservation, and/or potential opportunities to improve arid zone conservation practices and theory.

Poaching in the arid zone
Expanding on last year’s discussion on the species targeted by poachers, national policy and highlights/successes in the South African arid zone, we welcome presentations that elaborate on these, as well as further discussion on the economic drivers, international policy issues, and possible solutions.

Reflecting on conservation progress in the Succulent Karoo
Over the past 25 years the Leslie Hill Succulent Karoo Trust (LHSKT) has made substantial investments within the Succulent Karoo biome in an attempt to secure the biomes unique biodiversity. We welcome talks from conservation practitioners and researchers, funded by the LHSKT or otherwise, working within the Succulent Karoo biome to showcase achievements, discoveries, challenges, threats and opportunities for conservation and research across the region.

Current research in the arid zone
We welcome talks on the following broad topics: botany, zoology, rangeland and restoration ecology, arid-wetland biology, behavioural and reproductive ecology, human-wildlife conflict, social studies and the socio-ecological nexus. 

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All submissions for full presentations (platform equivalent) or speed presentations (poster equivalent) at this year’s virtual conference will be reviewed by the Scientific Portfolio. Abstract guidelines will be sent to those who register and indicate their intent to submit an abstract.

On acceptance of abstracts for inclusion into the programme, authors will be required to submit a pre-recorded narrated slideshow of their presentation by the 19 September 2020. An AZEF tutorial on preparing presentations will be provided to guide authors through the process.

For more information contact or go to