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07 Mar 2018 0

Abaxis UK recently added to their support for Wilderness Foundation Africa’s Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative by sending Paul Garbutt, Head of Serviced, to South Africa for a week of contact with our projects, which included installing a VetScan FUSE and HDMicroscope which had recently been donated at London Vet Show.

Dr William Fowlds, Medivet Project Co-ordinator for WFA, gives us an update:

“Paul installed two more pieces of equipment to the Abaxis lab which added high definition microscopy and networking connectivity to the range of blood machines donated last year. What makes the Abaxis equipment so unique is that we now have the ability to take state-of-the-art and highly accurate equipment into the field and operate them at the side of injured wildlife. This is something that was not possible before when dealing with severely compromised animals the size of a rhino, who can’t be taken to a hospital for care. 

Abaxis were inspired to help when introduced to the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative by the Medivet Saving the Rhino campaign.  Both Medivet and Abaxis are based in the UK, and through this partnership with Wilderness Foundation Africa, we now have machines that we can take into the field which can assess blood gases and conduct a variety of tests on blood cells, as well as biochemistry. 

Knowing their condition while we work with them allows us to make the best treatment or (sadly) euthanasia decisions for wildlife, without having to wait days to get results back from a laboratory. 

We are extremely grateful to Abaxis for their dedication to fight against the rhino poaching crisis”.

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