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A Poem on the Wilderness, by Maleta


Graduation ceremonies at the Youth Development Programme of Wilderness Foundation Africa are always an emotional experience for graduates, their parents and the WFA team. At a recent Siyazenzela Graduation ceremony held in Robertson, one of the graduates read out a poem she had written. This touched our hearts and we would really like to share it with you. We hope you enjoy it. 

I’ve always known of your existence
but not of your importance.
about you I was taught but never
did I understand.
Truth is, I knew but I just didn’t
care that much.

It hurts to know that you were the
missing part I’ve been searching for,
because when I found you, I found courage.

It hurts to know that you’ve always
been there for me, because when I heard
your voice I realised you’ve been talking
but I just never listened.

Your darkness has always been my
deepest fear but it is through it
that I found my other half.

Your darkness has always been my
fear but it is through it that
I made peace with the things I cannot

For a moment you scared me to death,
only to make me brave.
For a moment you tore me apart,
only to heal me.

For a moment you pushed
me back and took the wheel of my life,
for that I thank you.

As you drove
I left my anger behind.
I threw my grudges away.
I danced on top of my pain.
I smiled for no reason.
As you drove, you drove me to myself.

You ripped off my masks and exposed
me to my scars.
You opened my closet and brought all
of my skeletons to life.
You opened my mind and released my
negative thoughts.
I may not be there yet, but you
brought me closer to where I wanna be.
I may not have it yet but you brought
me closer to what I wanna achieve.
I may not be that yet, but you
brought me closer to who I wanna be.

29 May 2017
Maleta (Thandokazi Dayi)