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06 Apr 2020 #covid19 0

Wilderness Foundation Africa is proud to announce that we have joined forces with Harambee, the Solidarity Fund and a number of other key partners to help young people during the Coronavirus crisis and specifically during the lockdown period. The effort is aimed at sharing credible and accurate information with young people and their networks, supporting them to be safe and to be smart.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably brought the contact side of our Youth Development projects to a halt, we endeavour to keep our youth engaged by encouraging them to do the right thing, to be staying home and keeping safe. During this time we are continually exploring ways through which we can support them towards ensuring that they keep informed, keep a healthy and positive mental state, and develop strong resilience potential that will enable them to bounce back and rebuild themselves beyond the pandemic.

The 3Million3Weeks campaign includes messaging which informs on practical issues faced during lockdown, which encourages and which keeps the youth motivated.

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