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Northern Cape Land Project

The Northern Cape Land Protection and Protected Area Expansion project, funded by the Leslie Hill Succulent Karoo Trust (LHSKT), is a three year land protection programme to assist the Northern Cape Province in implementing its Protected Area Expansion Strategy and securing land through the implementation of Biodiversity Stewardship and Land Purchase.

The project will run from October 2015 to September 2018 and aims to compliment the Northern Cape Department Environment and Nature Conservation - LHSKT Stewardship phase 1 and 2 projects by contributing a set of support structures and implementation processes which will allow the planning and assessment of Phase 1 to flow seamlessly into Protected Area Expansion and Stewardship Operations in Phase 2. This will take place while adding hectares to the Northern Cape Conservation Estate.

This project also aims to address some of the major challenges identified by the WWF Land and Biodiversity Stewardship Programme. The proposed project can therefore be seen as assisting the Northern Cape in addressing the challenges associated with Protected Area Expansion as well as ensuring that WWF meets their objectives.

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