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Biodiversity Network (BioNet) Project

The Biodiversity Network (BioNet) is the fine-scaled conservation plan for the Cape Town region. The aim of the BioNet was to secure national conservation targets, ensure long-term appropriate management is in place and that there is community involvement and social benefits for the citizens of Cape Town. Conservation stewardship is one of the critical tools in securing the internationally significant biodiversity present within the Cape Town Biodiversity Network.

The BioNet Project was a three and half year project that was funded by the Table Mountain Fund and represented a partnership between Wilderness Foundation Africa, CapeNature, the City of Cape Town, the CAPE West Coast Biosphere Reserve and SANParks. Upon completion the project reached the following successes:

  • Creation of two permanent stewardship positions within the City of Cape Town’s Biodiversity Management Branch
  • Establishment and coordination of the BioNet Alliance Committee
  • Presenting the Bionet project at four Fynbos Forum events. 
  • Instrumental in securing additional funds (R3mill) through the City’s Invasive Species Unit for alien invasive vegetation clearing
  • 55 land owners contacted
  • 7 landowners currently involved in negotiations for stewardship agreements. 4 of these have already committed in writing to be gazette as section 23 Nature Reserves under the Protected Areas Act, 3 have agreed to sign Biodiversity Agreements
  • About 550 ha of Critically Endangered lowland vegetation which will be added to the conservation estate to the value of about R27 500 000
  • Completion of an Urban Natural Open Space Expansion Toolkit in collaboration with ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability: Cities Biodiversity Center
  • A draft Urban stewardship guideline document drafted that will be included into CapeNature’s Stewardship Manual


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