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Save the Rhinos Campaign spreads worldwide

The Wilderness Foundation launched the Forever Wild – Save the Rhinos campaign in May, 2011. The campaign aims to gather support from the public and various stakeholders to help fight against rhino poaching in South Africa.

“It is only through a GLOBAL campaign and POLITICAL will that we can save this remnant of the dinosaur age – the rhino,” environmentalist and conservationist, Dr Ian Player.

Through the help of Ogilvy Cape Town, the Wilderness Foundation set up an innovative petition to voice the public’s outcry over the cruelty of rhino poaching. The petition includes a ‘count-down to extinction’ timer, and for every signature on the petition, a minute is added to the timer.


The petition, which will be taken to US congress, is a vital part of the Wilderness Foundation’s lobbying campaign. To date, over 11,000 individuals have signed the petition, with comments including, “Don't let the human race be responsible for the extinction of yet another species!” and “This shocking cruelty must be stopped immediately.” Andrew Muir, Director of the Wilderness Foundation will deliver the petition to US congress in early January next year.

Another innovative approach to grabbing the public’s attention is Ogilvy’s YouTube clips “hijacking”. For two weeks, the company created over 55 YouTube clips, remixed versions of each day’s most frivolous trending videos (and some all time classics). “These Trojan Horses forced people who actively searched for these silly videos to confront the stark reality of how they were spending their time,” says the Ogilvy blog. “With $0 spent, signatures have so far increased by almost 300%. And it’s not over.”

The Campaign is also engaging the public on Facebook and Twitter.