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A Wilderness Foundation Ambassador commits to being part of a team who encourages, plans and protects wild lands and wilderness, uplifts the knowledge and lives of citizens and stimulates an environmental ethos among current and future leaders. 

He/She envisages a world that has sufficient intact natural ecosystems and wilderness areas that are valued and effectively protected for the benefit of all species, a world where animals are protected and not exploited for commercial gain, a world where his/her children can appreciate it’s beauty for years to come. 

"We will lose something deep within ourselves if we allow wilderness to be destroyed"

We are proud to have Thanh Bui from Vietnam on board as an Ambassador of our Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative, as well as 22 Youth Rhino Ambassadors from the Wild Rhino Competition.

Wild Rhino Competition


Wild Rhino Competition
Thu Minh & Thanh Bui Join The Wilderness Foundation
Thu Minh & Thanh Bui Supporting Our Rhino